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Extreme sex is in the eyes of the participant, as for some, it may be getting a fat dick up your ass for the first time, while others think getting choked by your partner during an orgasm is considered extreme. Some think using an electric toothbrush on your clitoris or aiming your shower head at your pussy could qualify but, lets take it out of the ball park with these videos, of off the wall people who are going to surprise you by doing what they consider, extreme sex!

Power Fucked Teen

Power Fucked Teen

Watch closely as this girl's boyfriend tries out his new power fucking tool, on her for the very first time....

Hanna Montada Sauna Fisting He..

Hanna Montada Sauna Fisting Her Wet Pussy

Hanna Montada is quickly making a name for herself among fisting fans thanks to this kinky video filmed last...

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